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Technical data

Usage example

Rubber flexible joint

Purpose of usage: Rubber flexible joints are mainly used for absorption of vibration, bending, and expansion in piping.

Usage example(Rubber flexible joint)
Number Name
Absorption of vibration
Absorption of bending
Absorption of expansion

Locations of use

Locations of use
Products Air conditioning equipment Water supply/drainage and hygiene equipment
p7 TOUGHBOY           Please use
rubber flexible
expansion joints.
Please use
fluorocarbon polymer
flexible joints
(Products registered
with the Japan
Water Works Association
(Products registered
with the Japan
Water Works Association
(Products registered
with the Japan
Water Works Association
p10 TOUGHLEX          
p11 PT CONNECTOR                
p12 PT CONNECTOR S                  
p13 TOZENFLEX          
p14 TOZENFLEX S            
p15 KINGFLEX 20          
p16 LINERFLEX                    
p17 FACOLEX                        
p18 ELBOFLEX                        
p19 DOLENEX                          
p19 FLEXIDRAIN                          

Fluoro carbon polymer material flexible joints.

Examples of applicable lines


Rubber flexible expansion joints.

  • ●When ground subsidence is anticipated
    Install on soft ground, roads, river crossings etc. it absorbs mainly perpendicular and bending displacement.
  • ●When temperature variations are anticipated
    Installed on piping where temperature differences, thermal expansion, etc. are anticipated mainly to absorb axial and bending displacement.
  • ●When vibration and noise are generated
    Installed near pumps or turbines to absorb vibration and noise transmitted to pipelines.
  • ●When multiple causes are anticipated
    Products can also naturally be installed when causes among the above occur together.
  • ●Cases of incompatibility with other TOZEN products
    When on-site usage with products of specifications such as the PT Connector, TOZEN Flex, and TOUGHLEX is not possible.

Examples of compatible equipment