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Technical data

Securing pipes – control units –

If, unavoidably, pipes cannot be installed sufficiently securely due to the site conditions, we recommend installing a control unit (extension preventer).
However, maximum vibration-isolating performance may not be available when a control unit is installed.
In addition, the amount of allowable displacement may not reach the figures indicated by the nominal diameter of each product.

Using a control unit with rubber joints is possible when it is not possible to install pipes securely to restrain the force (thrust) generated through internal pressure, where displacement due to the ground conditions etc. equal to or exceeding the design value is possible, or where expansion and contraction of the product (not eccentricity) is desired in post-construction mounting, etc.

(Excludes some cases)

1.Rubber flexible joints

  • ●BP Type (Back Plate)
  • ●Thermal cutting・W Type(Welding) /Excludes some products

2.Rubber flexible expansion joints

  • ●BP Type (Back Plate)
  • ●Thermal cutting・W Type(Welding)*

3.Fluoro carbon polymer material flexible joints.

  • ●BP Type (Back Plate)

※In control unit mounting,
it is also possible to take the role of shipping bolts (adjustment of face‐to‐face dimensions) – some product specifications differ.
Please remove the shipping bolts after attaching the pipes. (These differ from thrust-preventing control units. )

Depending on the size etc. it is possible to attach rubber bushes when used for vibration isolating.

BP Type (Back Plate)

Triangular plate using the flange bolt holes of the partner pipe

BP Type (Back Plate)

Applicable products


・Triangular plate ・ Long bolt・Nut・Flat washers ・Rubber bush(※)

※May not be provided depending on the application etc.

W Type (Welding)

Type where the plate is directly welded onto the product flange.

W Type (Welding)

Applicable products

Thermal cutting Type

Installation and removal of these control units is simple, even in cramped spaces.

U Type (New welding)

Applicable products

Where rubber bushes are attached