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TOZEN’s total pump vibration isolation systemsPUMP SYSTEM

Pump vibration isolation systems

Pump vibration isolation needs to be considered in terms of vibration isolation mount tables, rubber flexible joints, and flexible piping supports being one system.
Also, vibration caused by installed equipment such as a pump may occur as the pump itself vibrates or through pulsation as the pressure fluctuates within the piping.
Mechanical vibration can be isolated using vibration isolator mount tables and rubber flexible joints. However, as fluids that pass through create additional vibration in the form of pulsation throughout the piping system such as at elbows, T’s, and valves, horizontally and vertically installed piping may need vibration isolated supports.
We believe that total and well-balanced measures – which take into consideration applications of buildings and rooms, capacity of piping, and locations of installation – are necessary.

Example of a pump vibration isolation system

Figures 1 and 2 show examples of vibration isolation systems around pumps.

Left: example (1) of vibration isolation system around pumps
Right: example (2) of vibration isolation system around pumps
  • Fixing hardware (vibration isolation)
  • Support hardware (vibration isolation)
  • Hanger(vibration isolation)

We also believe that safety measures that take into account earthquake resistance for protecting systems from seismic force are necessary.
Vibration isolation materials (springs, rubber vibration isolators, hangers, flexible joints, etc.) are functional materials. They cannot perform as they are designed to if used outside the scope of specified conditions such as bearing load, pressure, temperature, etc. Please make sure your installations are within specifications