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Rubber flexible
  expansion joints


Bevel-ended type
Bevel- end type for butt welding


Bevel-ended type
Bevel- end type for butt welding


  • For displacement absorption by pipelines in soft ground
  • For isolation of piping from buildings.
  • For pipelines crossing rivers, roads, and railroad tracks
  • For absorbing thermal expansion in piping.

Product specifications

Category by amount of eccentricityAboveground/
underground category
Nominal diameter
100mm・200mmFor both aboveground/underground use32A~1500A
  • For this product,made-to-order product
  • Please ask one of our sales representatives for details
  • Please contact us regarding use under high-load negative pressure conditions such as 24-hour operation, negative pressure close to a full vacuum, or frequent pump starting and stopping.
  • Design specifications for underground use 
    Earth covering: (From pipe crown) 1.3m or more, 3m or less
    Vehicle weight: T-25 or less

Downloads product chart

Product chart
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