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SEQULEX2 selective flowFLOW

Selective flow

It is important to choose the optimum SEQULEX2 model taking into account variables such as the location of installation, fluid, and operating space. The F System and V System have excellent space saving, ease of installation, and total cost, so we recommend considering them first.

  • Checking the seismic isolation amount
  • Selecting the installation location of various piping
    ※Premised on the location being free of obstructions
  • Selecting the seismic isolation system
    ※Refer to “Selecting the seismic isolation system” below for the selection method
  • Checking the system operating range
  • Considering the fixing frame

Selecting the seismic isolation system

The process for selecting the seismic isolation system is as follows.

Selecting the seismic isolation system


  • The H System has limitations on the hanger height.
  • A fluoro carbon polymer product (C, H, or V System) is required for chemicals which cannot be used with rubber or metal products.

[Other systems]

  • J System is required for ducting
  • SEQULEX2 for new refrigerant is available in the V and H Systems.