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Proposal: High-performance rubber vibration isolator

Making the office and apartment interior environment more comfortable when air-conditioners are running

Launch of the Dimple Pad and TSM compact placement vibration-isolating materials!!

Dimple Pad and TSM are advanced compact placement rubber vibration isolators, which reduce oscillation in offices, apartments, and other buildings, creating a more comfortable environment by alleviating vibration-induced stress.

Greater comfort in living spaces in offices as well as private rooms in apartments and other buildings

Without vibration isolation

Air-conditioners are essential to creating a pleasant year-round environment inside offices, apartments, and other buildings. These air-conditioners often include outdoor units, which transmit unpleasant oscillations to the building interior while running.
Currently, a large amount of development work is being conducted in offices and apartments related to AI (artificial intelligence), the IoT (Internet of Things), and IT (information technology), and even a small amount of oscillation can lead to stress and irritation.

In addition, technical experts, office workers, and apartment residents who spend all day in an office or apartment also feel stress from this oscillation.
TOZEN has launched Dimple Pad and TSM to address these issues.
Dimple Pad and TSM significantly improve interior comfort of offices and apartments etc. simply by installation underneath outdoor units.
Because the space for placement of outdoor units on balconies of apartments and office buildings is limited (as shown in the above figure), we recommend the Dimple Pad and TSM compact placement rubber vibration isolators as shown below.
The ease of installation and reduction in vibration make this product ideal.
Please see here for product and installation details.
The locations of installation are those noted as “With vibration isolation” and marked with arrows on the right of the above figure.

Dimple Pad

Dimple Pad
Product models Product dimensions Rubber hardness
DP-0003 50×50×18t×φ14 40
DP-0005 70×100×18t×φ22
DP-0006 70×100×18t×φ22